DH82 Tiger Moth

G-BWVT is a De Havilland DH82a Tiger Moth, serial number 1039. It was constructed in 1942 in Australia and served with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) for 40 years. In 1982 it was exported to America where it was registered as N1350 until 1995. It was then exported to the UK in 1996 as G-BWVT. Here it was owned by Robin Jewitt and meticulously restored and maintained until September 2014 when it was registered in the name of Nicola Mackaness, the daughter of Robin. In March 2016, VT flew from Laddingford to Perth Airport in Scotland, where Nicola and William her husband now fly the aircraft. It has become part of the Mackaness family and is enjoyed by many. I have been lucky enough to spend some time around this beautiful aircraft and the wonderful people of whom it belongs. What a pleasure.

Sam Finch 3.jpg