Digitisation at the National Library of Scotland

During the summer of 2017 I worked on commission with the National Library to create a new bank of images and film to be used on social media with the aim of raising public awareness and in recruitment for their new team of digitisation staff.

 "Our role is to be the guardian of the published and recorded memory of Scotland for current and future generations. (and) to make the knowledge held within our collections as widely available as possible." John Scally

In a bid to increase accessibility and share its collection around the world the National Library of Scotland plans to digitise one third of its massive collection by 2025.

The Library is home to 24 million items, meaning the first step of digitisation is the selection. The team began with the rarest items and those of historical value and are now working their way through the collection 

Using a digital medium format PhaseOne camera system and custom pneumatic cradles the technicians scan hundreds of items every day. They must check every image for inconsistencies then apply metadata and digital tags so that the material can be found in the online library.


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