The Rural and Urban Training Scheme, or RUTS is a charity organisation working with young adults around Edinburgh and the surrounding regions. They run several different programmes offering a range of learning experiences, qualifications and skill sets. From basic bicycle maintenance to full motorcycle overhauls the workshop staff are there to give 14-19 year olds an introduction to mechanics, useful qualifications and all important employability. Most courses run as a block of mechanics workshops, ending with an off road training day.

Mike and Joe spent the day teaching this group of teenagers how to safely control the motorcycle, most of them were complete novices and had never sat on a bike before. Despite this the instructors were amazingly patient and instilled confidence in the youngsters, who throughout the course had built up an great sense of respect for their tutors. By the end of the day all of the students were able to ride confidently around the field.

The workshop is where the students spend most of their time, being taught by someone with so much knowledge, and passion for mechanics was clearly a blessing for the students.